January 5, 2014

European Tour 2014, and remembering Roland Janes

Happy New Year from Memphis, everyone. I’m pleased to announce we will be heading overseas again this spring, for a whopping 8 weeks in Europe. Keep checking back with Kiss N Run Booking for the latest dates, and contact Robert if you would like for us to play your town.

266738_t607In much sadder news, we lost our dear friend and hero Roland Janes this past October at the age of 80. Roland was a Memphis music legend who started out at Sun Studio and helped pioneer the rock and roll recording business. He produced my latest album, Memphis Circa 3AM, and provided me with the most rewarding studio experience of my life, and also one of the most meaningful personal experiences as well. He is missed and and always will be.

I recently collected my thoughts and memories of recording with Roland, so that it would be documented before time dragged on and my memories got inevitably hazy. Some of this information may be a bit technical for the average reader, but I felt that it was an important part of the story, since Roland’s recording techniques were so idiosyncratic. You can read the entire piece over at my Tumblr blog.