April 11, 2011

The New Album,The Man That Time Forgot

The official release date is June 21st. We’ll be celebrating with a Memphis show at the Hi-Tone on Saturday, June 4th (and yes, we’ll have it for sale there at the gig).  The record has 12 new original tunes, and photos by Jim Herrington. You can sample a couple songs by clicking on the gold-colored bar at the very bottom of this page, or you can listen on SoundCloud.

(A note about the way we billed this one: You may notice the absence of the name “The One Four Fives”.  We decided that the full name was too long when combined with the album title; the phrase just made more sense without it. Also, the fact is, I rarely get to tour with the full One Four Fives lineup anyway, and sometimes I have to play with a completely different band altogether.  But rest assured – this is a 100% One Four Fives record, with Mark, Johnny, and Al all over it!)